“You are a lousy artist” and other shitty excuses that we tell ourselves

“You are a lousy artist”
-Your inner demon

No, you just have to stop complaining about being bad and start practicing more. Also, don’t let other people define your art. Do what you want. Become an expert of what you like.

“I don’t have time to draw more”
-Inner demon strikes back

If you have the time for watching Game of Trones. You have time for drawing more.
Priorities man.

“Whatever. Nobody cares about your art anyway”
-This bitch voice inside your head

You don’t know that.
And besides, you should be doing it because you love it. If you do your duty with passion, people will notice you. Believe me.

“I don’t know how to do X thing”


“Why botter? You are going to fail anyway.”
-This hoe

We all are afraid of failing at some point, but guess what? Fear it’s not going to disappear, so you have to move forward, even with your fears.

“I’m not like X person”
-Your inferiority complex

Maybe that artist you admire so much have way more problems and insecurities than you think. You don’t have to be like any other person to be great.


And that’s it. I needed to remind me these things, and I thought somebody else could need them too.

And… I need to take a shower.

See ya, folks.

Minerva out!




A nation of fools (We are)

While I walk trough these streets, I look to the trees and the sky, the cars, the faces in the distance, all of them unaware of my thoughts. “God, we are a nation of fools” I think. Nation of fools, what a good name for a song. Didn’t exist already? Would be a depressing one if it existed, I’m pretty sure, the type of song that makes me want to cut my wrists weeping in agony while I swallow a bunch of pills.

I’m still young though, so I must care for myself. The time awaits for no one, depression can’t be so serious, right? In my country there’s no time for depressed, needy people. There’s just time for the fools.

We are the fools.


When you have friends who support you with all their love and kindness, why don’t reward them with more love?

As I’m following my dreams of becoming a full time artist, that question hits me harder than ever, because I had met some awesome people along this journey and there is still too many people to met.

My shout out is for these wonderful people to come share with me this journey and what I have to offer.

Also, this is my way of saying thank you, to all the people who made possible this website to exist. Love, love to them!

Thank you and stay tunned.